28th Sunday of Ordinary Time

28th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Readings: 2 Kings 5:14-17; Ps 97[98]:1-4; 2 Tim 2:8-13; Lk 17:11-19

The theme of today’s readings is gratitude – in particular, the expression of gratitude God expects (Focus). We are also reminded that faith and healing go hand in hand, as do faith and reconciliation. It was faith that prompted Naaman to plunge himself into the waters of the Jordan, and it was faith in Jesus which made the lepers present themselves first to Jesus and then to the priests. Jesus shows himself to be a loving God whose love encompasses all people without any distinction.

Although we receive so much from God, we take it for granted. We allow the few negatives in our life to overshadow the myriad blessings that God sends our way. We also tend to be thankful only when we compare our lives to the less fortunate. In times of desperate need, we pray fervently, but when our prayers are answered, we just move on (Lk 17:18).

We may not be afflicted by leprosy but may suffer from the ‘spiritual leprosy’ of sin which makes us unclean. Jesus is our Saviour and is not afraid to touch our deepest impurities. Just as the lepers cried out to Jesus for healing, let us also ask him to heal us from the leprosy of sin including impurity, injustice, hatred and prejudice.

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