Committed for cause

Like Jeremiah (First Reading), we may be very naive and unsuspecting of the animosity or even hatred some people bear towards us.

It is said that one cannot please all the people all the time. It is particularly when we stand up for the truth and do what justice demands, when we speak out on behalf of the voiceless and helpless, that we incur the displeasure of others, including those in authority, because what we say and do is not in line with their ways. This happened to Jeremiah. However, he was tuned to God’s voice and was made aware of plots against him. He committed his cause to the Lord (Focus).

We see this in the life of Jesus too. The religious authorities sought to arrest him for the good he did. But Jesus’ cause was with the Father, and no one could harm him (Jn 7:32, 44) before his appointed time came.

In keeping with the Pope’s prayer intention for April, we remember in prayer the many selfless humanitarian collaborators in war zones, committing their cause to the Lord.

When we rest our cause in God, he is our ‘shield’ (Ps 7:10), and we can be at peace with ourselves and with God, despite the storms that may seem to overwhelm us.

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