Family of God

Family of God

Friday, May 24, 2019

Readings: Acts 15:22-31; Ps 56[57]:8-12; Jn 15:12-17

Focus: ‘Certain persons… with no instructions from us, have said things to disturb you’ (Acts 15:24)

Once a couple from a prayer group I used to attend came over, ostensibly to invite us for dinner. I soon realised they had left the Church, and started their own ‘church’. They were criticising everything Catholic, and twisting scripture, appealing to our intellectual ego to disturb our understanding.

For the advocates of sola scriptura (by scripture alone), the Focus makes it clear that obedience to the instructions of the elders of the Church that Jesus founded, was the accepted precept since the days of the apostles.

The Church is the family of God. Every family has differences of opinion. Each time there is an argument, we don’t dump our family to go and start another family (church). We talk things over and take it to the Lord in prayer. Only he can solve our spiritual issues (First Reading).

When we succumb to division, we do the work of Satan. It shows that our faith in the power of God is fickle and therefore we take matters in our own hands.

The Church is the body of Christ. He suffered and died for it. When a person starts another church, it is obvious that worldly values, not sacrifice, are at play. They use mentalist tricks to impress the people, gain followers, and a shot at their money…

Fruit: When we have issues with Church teaching or instructions let us surrender it to God.

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