“See, something greater than Solomon is here!” (Lk 11:31)

“See, something greater than Solomon is here!” (Lk 11:31)

Monday, October 14, 2019,

St Callistus I, Readings: Rom 1:1-7; Ps 97[98]:1-4; Lk 11:29-32

There are a few instances in the four Gospels wherein Jesus displays ‘negative’ emotions like annoyance, disappointment and exasperation (Mt 11:20-24, Mk 11:15-16, Mt 23:13ff). Today’s Gospel is one such. After all the miracles that Jesus worked among the people (Focus), how could they be so thick-headed, so unbelieving? Seems incredible!

This incident should make us look inward at our own beliefs. Do we really believe in Jesus? Do we trust him completely? Do we too pester Jesus for signs? Do we vow to make a donation or go on a pilgrimage but only on condition a certain favour is granted? If we do, then we are quite like the generation that Jesus was chiding.

Let us take the example of St Paul in the First Reading. He proudly introduces himself in that one long sentence spanning sevenverses as a ‘servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle’! He considers his calling a privilege. And indeed, it is. Since we too know Jesus, our lives should be a joyful experience, marked with an active faith and strong trust. No demand for signs and no conditions laid down. Then God, who loves each of us dearly, will delight us with the most marvellous signs.

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