The Empty Tomb

Readings: Mt 27:62-66 (Or any appropriate readings from Masses for the Dead)

Focus: “After three days I will rise again” (Mt 27:63)

‘Truth or Dare’ is a party game where each person is challenged to either truthfully answer an embarrassing question or perform a daring act. If Jesus’ statement – that he would “rise again” after three days (Focus) – were made today, it would sound absurd, untrue and impossible to many. But we who believe that Jesus is God’s Son know that it was no idle boast. He could and did rise – proving the absolute truth of his words.

However, when the chief priests and the Pharisees heard what Jesus had said they gave vent to their frustration before Pilate (Gospel). Not satisfied that it had already been physically verified that Jesus was dead they also wanted the tomb to be properly sealed. They blatantly called Jesus an “impostor” (Mt 27:63) alleging that his disciples would steal his body from the tomb so that his statement of rising in three days would seem true if it were empty when the authorities came to check. They personally made the tomb secure.

It makes one wonder whether they really did all this for fear of the disciples stealing Jesus’ body away. Or did they perhaps secretly believe that Jesus, being God’s Son, would indeed rise as he said he would?

Fruit: Am I conscious of God’s mighty ways? I must believe that with Jesus’ resurrection we have with us a living God we can reach out to at any time.

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