Can anyone stop thinking? From the day we were born started thinking, still thinking and thinking till the last breath of our life we will be thinking. Something or the other we go on think, that there is no rest for our mind, and its beyond our limit. We can’t just stop our thinking. Can you just imagine how fast our thinking is.? Have you ever thought of your thinking? It’s really unimaginable.


There is no limit for my thinking, Of course I am not going to explain a philosophical “Thought thinking thought” of Aristotle, I am too small to do that. There is a lot more definitions and explanations given by great Thinkers. But this is my personal opinion based on my own insights I have put it in a word that, how beyond is my thinking. It is so faster than I am. The moment I blink my eyes there are several thoughts come into my mind and disappear.

     It was on 12th 08 2014 in the evening around 6:00 PM  I was speaking with my friend I asked a her what are you thinking rite now..?” She replied “Nothing” I said “Don’t tell like that, do you know when you stop thinking? She said “No” Then I replied her, “The moment you stop breathing YOU STOP THINKING, on that day I wrote this article. Yes, You were thinking, you are thinking, and you will be thinking till the last breathe of your life.” Yes my thoughts are so powerful and forward that I can’t remember for long all that I have thought in my life. Only some unforgettable incidents remain for long.

     My thinking is beyond my capacity of grasping, May be because God has put some limitations on our mind that only HE can remember everything from the beginning till the end, and we human being have our own limit. Therefore we believe that God is up in heaven and we the human beings are on earth. If at all we remember everything from the day we began our life on this earth there wouldn’t have been any difference between GOD and human beings, and every one would have been like God.

Therefore I feel our limitations haven made us human beings. But everyone is born intelligent only thing is that some people are less and some are more intelligent it defers from person to person. Some make use of their intelligence some don’t. Some have an opportunity to explore themselves some don’t have.

     Our thinking is so powerful that It can make us or break us. This is true, when I think positively all the things seems to be good to me, If my thoughts are always negative then everything will be bad for me. Positive thinking develops my personality, It enriches my well being, Negative thinking kills me every day. Most of the time we make a mistake then we think of it and regret. Because it has become a habit for us Even in my life I have mistaken many times then I realized of the mistake and felt sorry for it. We must cultivate a habit of think and then act accordingly. Sometimes our emotions over rule us by immediate reaction and then we think of the situation.

     I am just writing it by my own experience. It may be similar to your life experience too. All I  want to say is that throughout our life we never stick on to one single thought, but in a fraction of moment we just give a full stop to one thought and jump on to the other, and our life goes on by jumping from one to another, but we never stop thinking but give a full stop, and think some other things then again we may think of the earlier matter. This is how our mind is. One day we all stop thinking, and that will be the end of our life.  And whatever we have done whether it is good or bad is just remembered by others.



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